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how to choose the child seat

In Italy, unfortunately, we have not yet understood how useful and effective safety devices such as car seats can be when children travel with us in the car.

According to recent research, it seems that only 4 out of 10 Italians use these safety devices, despite the fact that there are very specific regulations and articles of the highway code that provide for the mandatory use of the seat.

Perhaps still accustomed to the raids in the car on Sunday with the parents, when our mother kept us on our knees or in the arms on the passenger seat next to our father driving, the fact is that this custom so perpetrated in our DNA, continues today to generate victims.

In fact, many do not realize how dangerous it is for our child to travel by car without a seat, in case of impact with other vehicles, it is in fact easy for the children’s body to get out of hand or to get out of the traditional safety belts of which the cars are equipped.

The European homologation standard ECE R44 / 04 in fact provides for the use of the car seat for the transport of children by car, dividing the various child seats into various groups according to the weight of the child.

The choice therefore becomes mandatory and is limited to the selection of the model that best suits your needs, obviously depending on the age and weight of the child.

In fact, you can choose between various models of child seats, obviously intended for different users.

There are little eggs and carrycots, designed for babies, seats with a reclining backrest and an adjustable headrest to guarantee the best protection and safety for the whole growth of the child, or there are baby-raising cushions intended for older children.

Removable and with washable covers, in order to guarantee maximum hygiene, especially most of the medium and high level products that combine ergonomics, practicality, comfort and safety at the right price.

There are numerous models on the market, made by major Italian and non-Italian brands to choose from to find the most suitable safety device for your needs.

Among the most famous brands of car seats we find: Chicco, Peg Perego, Foppapedretti, Cam and many other great brands that make car seats for all ages.

  • Chicco: always active in the production of items dedicated to the world of childhood, it now boasts a remarkable catalog dedicated to the car safety sector, offering approved models with a unique design and characteristics.
  • Foppapedretti: always synonymous with quality, this Italian company has been able to make its own brand, a successful brand that has quickly gathered the preferences of the public. In the car safety sector, it has made a name for itself for a large catalog of very high quality products, however, offered at an affordable price.
  • Peg Perego: like the first on the list, this brand is also known for the production of toys and articles for the world of children, which has entered the sector of car seats with noteworthy approved models, rich in functions and features that make them comfortable and safe. .
  • Cam: another well-known manufacturer who makes products for children, offers a wide range of models for sale online at often discounted and accessible prices, perhaps not at the level of direct competitors, but certainly available and affordable.
  • Recaro: always engaged in the creation of sports seats for cars, this company has decided to focus on the creation of car seats for children, offering some models with an attractive, comfortable and safe design that are conquering the hearts of enthusiasts.
  • Inglesina: famous for its trio and for the wheelchair used by the Royals of England, this brand has always been the reference point for the production of accessories for children, having an eye towards the world of children now offers a complete range of approved, reclining, comfortable and safe models, made with robust and quality materials, but offered at an affordable price.

Untangling in this jungle of offers and products is not easy, in fact there are many products that fill the shelves of supermarkets, however online it is easy to find websites such as buying guides that publish reviews and opinions on car seats.

For example, taking a model that lately is very fashionable, like Isodinamyk, a Foppapedretti car seat, you can get an idea of ​​the characteristics, qualities and advantages that you get by buying an adjustable and removable seat with triple homologation, equipped with isofix hooks with which it is easy and fast to attach it to the car.

Many parents prefer to buy directly approved seats in multiple groups, in this way I can buy a single seat that will accompany their child for all his growth.

In fact, this seems the best choice, since by opting for a seat approved in different groups you buy a long-lasting, comfortable and safe product, able to evolve by adjusting according to your needs, with the possibility of adapting it according to the child’s growth.

Many parents prefer to choose a seat equipped with isofix hooks, for the greater safety and the great practicality that this type of device is able to offer with a slight surcharge.

To help undecided parents on which model to buy, in addition to brochures and catalogs distributed by the manufacturers, we also find a series of resources on the net that help direct parents towards the product that best suits their needs, comparing the best articles and reviews car seats for children available on the market to choose from.

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