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Nicoletta Dosio leaves prison for house arrest – Buzzinglane

(ANSA) – TURIN, MARCH 30 – “Nicoletta is released from prison for house arrest”. The No Tav Movement announced on social media the “pasionaria” of the Turin-Lyon high-speed fight, was arrested at the end of last year. “Nicoletta was released a little while ago from the Vallette prison – reads a post on Facebook – to serve the unjust penalty to house arrest for the measures introduced with the CoronaVirus emergency. The house arrest was granted with the maximum restrictions possible, including the unfair ban on communicating. ” According to what is learned, the request for house arrest was made by Dosio herself, who had always refused before. Friends and militants of the No Tav movement convinced her, who repeatedly asked her to apply. The request, dated March 20, was accepted today, also in light of the current coronavirus emergency. The ‘pasionaria No Tav’ is well, but she is 74 years old and suffers from some pathologies. He will serve a sentence of one year in prison for crimes committed during a protest in 2012 at the Avigliana toll booth on the Frejus highway in his home in Bussoleno. (HANDLE).

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